Tuesday, February 24, 2009

L'eau de l'étranger

This weekend, someone was explaining me the right way of receiving visitors. When someone comes to see you, the very first thing to do is to give them something to drink. This is called “l’eau de l’étranger”, or the foreigners water. Only after having offered your visitor this is it allowed to inquier about the reason for their visit.
I found this quite illustrative of two important points: the nature of the climate here, which is sure to make you arrive thirsty. But also a simple but strong recognition of importance of water before all else.


Anonymous said...

It’s very great to find your reference about l’eau de l’etranger. I am very surprised with the good way you have described it. Simple and clear;
Can I introduce myself?
My name is Fernando Marin, and I am writing about my little experiences in Africa, working in water supply.
Actually I am working in Ouaga because the floods of 1st September, I am working for OXFAM,
Last year I was working around Ouahigouya (Titao, Banh…) lovely Sahel.
I would like to ask you if don’t you mind I can include your definition about l’eau de l’etranger in the beginning of my “book”, of course I would mention your name like the author.
Anyway, if you come in Ouaga maybe we can meet us.
Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
My contacts:
tphone/ 226 78718970
Fernando Marin

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