Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally, rain!!!

Since I got here in November I haven’t seen any rain. Well, ok, there was some kind of dropping activity two or three times, but nothing worth calling rain, really.
Coming from Belgium, a country using its extreme rainfall as a touristic attraction (t-shirts saying “in belgium it always rains”, yes, they exist!) I shouldn’t complain, right?
But I guess the grass is always greener.... because god I am waiting for rain right now! Sick and tired of sunsunsunsun, sun all day. I think now I understand more fully the meaning of a “dry season”.
Today, finally, we got our first decent rain. Still only about 10 minutes, but anyway, rain. And I am ready and waiting for more! Whoever would have thought?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Different ways of looking at things

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a young woman here, about my age. We were listening to “zouk”, the local version of a slow romantic dance. I asked her if she liked zouk, and she said she did, but that right now she couldn’t enjoy it fully because she was not in love. She told me the love of her life had just left her. I said I was really sorry for her and that she must be sad. She looked at me and replied: “no, not really, because he gave me two beautiful baby girls, which is the best gift I could ever receive”... I thought about how my culture could make me look at the same situation: leaving a young mother alone with two kids... makes you think...

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