Thursday, December 4, 2008


Here I am, in Ouahigouya and working. I have received many curious messages already: how are you? Are you all right? Do you like it? Is it hot?

Answers: Fine. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Ok ok, you probably all want to know more, right?

Well, I arrived in Ouahigouya Monday the 17th of November and started work on Tuesday. I am now still living in a hotel, as it seems to be hard to find a place to live. At least if you are a social person. By this I mean it is no problem to find a big house surrounded by walls, but finding a decent house which shares a “cour” (innergarden) with another family is difficult. As I don’t have any intention on locking myself away from the world here, I am persistant in my search. Sharing a cour will give me a chance to learn the local language (moore), an opportunity to understand the culture and make friends, and also more security. Hopefully something will come up soon…

As for work: fine. My colleagues are very very friendly, I am fond of them already! And for the short time I have worked here I already have a good impression of their methods and attitudes. So it is promising indeed.

As for the city: it is fairly small, very dusty, but quite quiet. As there is not too much traffic I can ride my bicycle around without too much trouble, which is nice and makes me feel free. The biggest problem are the many streets which do not have any lighting at night- don’t forget the bicycle lights!! There is a small motorbike waiting for me here at work, but I feel I need some quiet practice on an empty road before I go out on the road.

The people here are very friendly and helpful, very warm. So is the weather! Even though it is the cold season here now, it is hot during the day. The nights cool down quite nicely though, and I have even bought a small blanket!

So: so far, so good. I am happy to be here and am happy with the situation, even though I see some challenges ahead. But first things first: for now, I will settle for a place to live!



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