Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long time, no write

It supprised even me, to see that since november I haven't written a single word on this blog. For the month of december I feel I am exempt, due to travelling around Europe to visit family and friends, but for january, february, march and april? I apologise.

In an attempt to short-story some of what has happened during the past months:
- we moved into a new house (see pictures on the story under this one) and installed airco in the bedroom... absolutely brilliant!
- my office also changed locations, to a much bigger house, and I got an own office (alas without airco, so for now, during the hottest months, I've already moved in with a collegue who does have airco, aaah)
- I've started playing volleyball, and have found a dance-instructor to take classes with
- I made good friends with Tessa, a belgian volunteer sent to a village at 30km from my town by the same organisation as I work for. We have lots of fun, talk about everything, and I am very glad she is here now. This is us on Valentines day, I cooked for her, as we didn't have any amours around ;-)

- Johans brother Marcus came to visit us last week, and got me drunk on a sunday night! As if mondays are loveable as such..
- There have been some rough spots in my life the past few months, hence the radio-silence. But I'm trying to back on the horse now, so I'll try to get into the writing again. Please stay with me.

That's all for the moment, take care***


Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Hi, interesting to see people like you. Nice blog, will keep coming back. Greetings from Oman.

Marcus said...

Got you drunk on a Sunday night...pfff

Sara Boerekot ;-) said...

Getting drunk on sunday evening... wasn't that our tradition many years ago in Gent ? ;-)
Hope you're enjoying the airco and that everything is fine there!
Saartje, kan je me nog eens even je email adres doorgeven? Ik stuurde je eerder al een uitnodiging voor ons trouwfeest door op 12 juni, maar ik vrees dat dit nooit toegekomen is. Zijn jullie dan toevallig in het land? Anyway, meer dan van harte uitgenodigd (maar dat weet je wel hé ;-) !). Veeeeeeel liefs alvast van ons twee. Dikke zoen, Saar en stijn

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uompi said...

Hi Sarah,
is it possible to contact you via mail?
Thank you,


Игорь Галицкий said...

Sarah, do you have an email? How can I communicate with you? (ig49765@gmail.com)

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