Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long time, no write

It supprised even me, to see that since november I haven't written a single word on this blog. For the month of december I feel I am exempt, due to travelling around Europe to visit family and friends, but for january, february, march and april? I apologise.

In an attempt to short-story some of what has happened during the past months:
- we moved into a new house (see pictures on the story under this one) and installed airco in the bedroom... absolutely brilliant!
- my office also changed locations, to a much bigger house, and I got an own office (alas without airco, so for now, during the hottest months, I've already moved in with a collegue who does have airco, aaah)
- I've started playing volleyball, and have found a dance-instructor to take classes with
- I made good friends with Tessa, a belgian volunteer sent to a village at 30km from my town by the same organisation as I work for. We have lots of fun, talk about everything, and I am very glad she is here now. This is us on Valentines day, I cooked for her, as we didn't have any amours around ;-)

- Johans brother Marcus came to visit us last week, and got me drunk on a sunday night! As if mondays are loveable as such..
- There have been some rough spots in my life the past few months, hence the radio-silence. But I'm trying to back on the horse now, so I'll try to get into the writing again. Please stay with me.

That's all for the moment, take care***

Monday, May 3, 2010

New house

Some people may know already, but since february we live in a different house. Check out some pictures of the place, new and improved! :-)

our new house, with lovely terrace

an 2nd shower outside (lovely for cooling down under a starry night sky!) , our chickens and rooster which we inherited from the former tenant

a real kitchen... and, most importantly! a real toilet!! hurrah!!

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